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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I go to a dentist or a denturist for my dentures?

You can go to a dentist or a denturist, although a denturist specializes in the design, fabrication, repair, and refitting of your dentures. 

Do I need a referral to get dentures? 

No you not do need any referral to a denturist. Feel free to call or come into our office to book your first appointment!

How long do my dentures last after I have had them made? 

Dentures on average will last 5 - 8 years, and should be replaced. This is because of bone loss and changes in the mouth.    

How long does it take to get me a set of dentures? 

When fabricating your dentures, this usually will take about 5 - 6 appointments. These include impression taking, measurements, and a wax try-in. When everything is in order, the final denture is then fabricated. 

Why are my dentures always loose? 

There can be many factors to why your dentures are loose.   Causes may include changes in the oral cavity, weight loss, diabetes, or other heath conditions.

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