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Meet Peter Mah DD 

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Peter has over 30 years of experience as a Denturist. He was born and raised in Camrose, Alberta, and completed the Denturist Technology Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1993. He started his career working in Drumheller and Calgary, Alberta. He then moved to Victoria, British Columbia and
established a practice in 1998 and expanded to a second practice 17 years later. Peter made the decision to move back to Camrose to open a business to support family, friends and the local community. 



 "Beauty is in the Performance "

 At Battle River Denture Clinic we know that everyone's mouth is different and the type of denture you choose should best reflect your needs. "Bio-functional Prosthetic System" (BPS) precision denture can make a difference! The system uses specific instrumentation that is designed for a more precise analysis of a person's bite registration and jaw relationship. We use individually sculpted teeth specific for men
and women with “BPS” dentures.
“You deserve the highest quality dentures, so request BPS Precision
dentures or a partial today!” 



"Standard Dentures"

Standard Dentures are basically no-frills dentures. The most important things to remember in a denture are: 

  • Fit 

  • Function

  • Appearance   

"Precision Dentures"

If you are looking for that specialized custom fit and appearance is paramount, this type of denture is no doubt more suitable for you. The techniques used for precision dentures are more accurate and require greater attention to detail. 


"Immediate Dentures" 

Immediate dentures would involve the following circumstances:​

  • You are getting dentures for the first time.

  • You are told by your dentist you need to have all your teeth removed and don’t know what your options are for dentures.

  • When the dentist pulls all your teeth and you have nothing to wear.

Immediate dentures are premade prior to your extraction appointment and then inserted. There are pros and
cons to this treatment and should be discussed with your denturist. Call and book your appointment so you can
be well informed prior to your extraction appointment.

"Removeable Partials" 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are missing some teeth, this could be the solution for you. Many people do wear partials as an alternative to a bridge or implant crown. Partials are dental appliances made of cast metal, acrylic, or flexible plastic. They are normally worn during the day and taken out at night. The benefits of having a partial can dramatically improve your chewing. Call to make your appointment today!


"Dentures onto Implants" 

Dentures that can attach to implants can transform your life and give you freedom from loose dentures and sores. Regardless of age, dental implants can be a good option for you. There are many implant treatment options that are affordable and accessible to most people. The advantage of implants are that they can secure your denture and prevent further bone loss.

implant lower.jpg

"Comfort" is paramount for a denture wearer. That why it is so important to consider:

  • Condition of the tissue in your mouth 

  • Bone structure

  • Shape and size of your mouth

"SR Ivocap Injection System"

We take out time to achieve the most accurate impressions and measurements. When using the SR Ivocap
injection system the acrylic is injected into pressurized molds to give our patients the most accurate fit.
Our office is “BPS” certified, providing an extra level of quality when constructing our patient’s dental appliance.

"SR Ivocap Injection System" 
"BPS Certified"

Did you know there are "Standard" & "Precision" dentures? Which is best for you?

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